Diving in Europe

    Angelika Wreck La Maddalena, Italy

    A nice and easy Cargo ship located 40 min. boat ride from Palau. For all level as the cabin is only at 10 mtrs.

    Washington Rock La Maddalena, Italy

    One of the best dive site in La Maddalena marine park

    Vera K Wreck Paphos, Cyprus

    This favoured afternoon dive is 25 minutes from Pafos harbour. The Vera K was a Lebanese freighter that ran aground in 1972 and was blown up as a hazard to shipping in 1974. It is still in four main sections and the bridge is fairly intact. It lies completely submerged in a crater at 11m. Close to…

    Wreck of White Star Paphos, Cyprus

    he Wreck of the White Star is our latest addition to the list of dive sites we have on offer for our clients.The white star sunk on February 18th 2007 during her transportation to Limassol.She was formerly known as Ivana Ivanova and was part of the Russian commercial fishing fleet in the Black See.…

    Roman Wall Paphos, Cyprus

    Opposite Cydive is a submerged line of rocks which are the remnants of the original Roman harbour wall. The area is of archaelogical importance and surveys are still being carried out. An excellent site for first dives, night dives and training. Maximum depth 6m.

    100 Foot Reef Paphos, Cyprus

    An entrancing dive in depths between 26-35m. There are a number of small drops and caves to explore - search for octopi and morays in the smaller holes and small fish in the gullies and overhangs. The water here is so clear that, if you look up to the surface, the dive boat should be clearly…
    Amphorae Caves

    Amphorae Caves Paphos, Cyprus

    There are a number of caves to explore, including the one with the amphorae encrusted roof. The American team of archaeologists who investigated this site believe that this was created by movements in the sea bed over the last two thousand years

    Fontana Amarosa Paphos, Cyprus

    this dive site is the location of an ancient harbour.the deeper sections of this dive are located around a reef with lots of hiding places for marine life, also you can find potterythat has become fused to the rocks.if you dive further inshore you can explore the now sunken harbour wall, and…
    The PETER Underwater Tour is especially easy from this hotel because the access into the water is made from a boat parking / ramp that also has benches made out of rock, perfect to attend the theoretical briefing previous to the dive. The seabed here is extremely interesting, showing several…
    With a very easy access into the water from the beach located right in front of the hotel, the divers can choose several itineraries that stand along rocky structures that are in between sand banks and some seaweed patches. Also here there is a elevated presence of marine fauna. The depth is…

    El Arco-… Corralejo, Spain

    Vizarre lava formation with a lot of White trevally, kingfish, parrot fisch, school of White, Zebra, Two-banded seabrems, schools of Salemas, sting rays, eagle rays, Angel sharks.

    Charco de las… Corralejo, Spain

    Small lava reef with a lot of small life, angel sharks, sting rays, etc.

    Bajo de las… Corralejo, Spain

    Wall with a lot of Anemones with diferent colors, big fisch, pelagics

    La… Corralejo, Spain

    Area to see Pelagics, Jacks, tuna, casual Sharks

    Bajo de… Corralejo, Spain

    Rocky lava reff
    Vizarre Lava formation

    La Gruta Corralejo, Spain

    Lava reff with nice Scape formation
    Lava Wall

    Fafo's Wall Corralejo, Spain

    Wall Dive

    La Lagunita Corralejo, Spain

    Pelagic Zone

    Chapel Cave Brena Baja, Spain

    Lava tunnel that leads to a "chapel" where we can surface. After the cave, we still have enough air to do a niche Open Water Dive.

    Rodina Wreck Sozopol, Bulgaria

    One of the nine pre-war Bulgarian cargo ships owned by the Bulgarian Commercial Steamship Company. Produced by "Vulkan - Werke" A.G. Launched in 1922. Displacement 4,159 GRT. On 19.09.1941g. "Rodina" was sailing loaded with a cargo of grain from Istanbul to Varna guarded by two Bulgarian mine…

    St Stephen Bay Sozopol, Bulgaria

    The bay is located just south of Sozopol and is part of a very remarkable place called "Budjaka". This is a place where you can see many species inhabiting the Black Sea. There are also many beautiful underwater rocks. Another attraction in underwater bay is huge ancient anchor. The depth is from 6…

    Cova do Sono Peniche, Portugal

    Cova do sono is a sheltered bay, with maximum depth of 12 meters and in which many times we find ourselves at depths of 2 meters. This can give the idea of an uninteresting diving spot but it is not like that at all. Cova do sono has cavens with great inhabitants (Fork beard and Spiny lobsters), has…

    CAPO DI FONZA Elba Island, Italy

    Boat trip approx. 25 minutes. A long pulled drop off. The wall at the east side ends in a depth of 40 m in the sand. In a depth of 28 m there is a small cave with beautiful nice red corals at the ceiling. Very often a Sea eel is seen inside. Outside the cave, around the corner, there are also lots…

    Leccia Bank Elba Island, Italy

    It's a bank 40 mt. large complete covered by big red and yellow sea fan (Gorgonia). Easy to find lobsters, Mediterranean bamboo shark (Gattuccio), groupers, murray eals and lots of fish on the top of the bank.

    Emergence du Russel Dordogne, France

    Cave diving in Emergence du Russel in France gives novice divers and experienced divers a memorable caving experience. The deep entrance is fun to encounter in and of itself–then it splits into two tunnels. One tunnel stays at 10m, the other drops repeatedly until it reaches a depth of over…
    Pared Amarilla

    La Pared Amarilla Granada, Spain

    In english this dive site will be called "Yellow Wall" due to the rocky wall you can see from the boat. It's a nice area where you will easily find huge octopus (up to 3 meters long) and sun fish, as well as conger eels, mory eels, nudibranchs, lobsters, barracudas and phycidae hakes. It can go to…
    Cueva de la Virgen

    Cueva de la Virgen Granada, Spain

    Named after the Mother of God Cave (Virgin Mary's Cave) the starting point of the dive where you will find a natural statue that looks like virgin Mary (sometimes you may even find it with some flowers of the sailors that go to visit and show respect.This dive is a good place for any type of divers,…
    Los Candelabros

    Los Candelabros Granada, Spain

    Los candelabros its named after the hull of a boat which was sink there many years ago, as time passed by most of the boat was gone but the timbers remain at the place looking like candelabras. The beauty of this site is watching the schools of fish and the different octopus you may find here, there…

    Cañuelo Granada, Spain

    El cañuelo is an ideal zone for snorkelling and Discover Scuba Diving, as well as diving. In here you will find the different ecosystems of the area with sand beds, rock formations and sea grass. Its neighbours are nudibranchs, octopus, scorpion fish and, if lucky, conger eels.If you want to…

    Cantarrijan Granada, Spain

    This is the Nudist beach area in the Nerja. From here, you find ashallow dive with lots of different aquatic life such as octopus, conger-eels, moray-eels and cuttlefish.This dive is a combination of reef gardens and walls filled with life in the day and the night. Here you can also find two…
    Punta de la Mona

    Punta de la Mona Granada, Spain

    Situated at the underwater projection of Punta de la Mona, the depths in this area can reach 50+ metres. The lack of light at these depths means that the rocks have an unique appearance with a greenish hue.Some of the aquatic life you will encounter include pollack, sea bass and moonfish.At depths…
    Sun Fish

    Fraggle Rock Granada, Spain

    The rock formation at Fraggle Rock is the centre piece for a varied and interesting dive. As you move around the rock the depth increases allowing you to observe scorpion fish, nudibranchis and a large conger-eel which resides there.For the more experienced there is a small fishing boat at 27 metres…

    Montague Reef Zakynthos Island, Greece

    It is located in the Ionian sea, between Zakynthos Island and Peloponnese. Depth 3m to 20m.

    Liberty Wreck Protaras, Cyprus

    The Liberty was an old cargo ship that was sunk deliberately in 2008 to provide a new artificial reef just off Golden Sands Protaras!The ship is now starting to colonise and one can see many violet flubelia, anemones and even free swimming morays! The marker bouy has a resident family of trigger…

    Pistol bay Paphos, Cyprus

    Within yet another two minute drive from Marine Divers is Pistol Bay, a great dive siteloved by everyone, with lots of swim-trough’s to explore, you'll want to spend as long as you can at this dive site.

    Roman Temple Taormina, Italy

    Description: Lies about 1 km to the south of Capo S. Andrea and is an easy dive for divers of all levels. The reef flat is cut away in a series of shallow bays at around 8 m. Outside, the reef drops away in a wall of buttresses and sandy gullies to a depth of about 20 m. The best diving here is done…

    St George's island Paphos, Cyprus

    an island located about 4km from the fishing harbour of Latchi.on the west side of the island is a wall this drops from 12 to 32 metres, located above this is a small cave, on the east side the smaller bait fish tend to shole, with the largerpredators attrated to them.this is a perfect dive site for…

    Cannelle Porto Azzurro, Italy

    A famous and beautiful dive.